To build spaces of resistance.  To live radically the truth of our sacred interconnectedness with each other and all of creation.

Photo – Markus Spiske

Our eco-system cries out. The earth is wounded.  All of her children suffer, not just humans.  Biodiversity shrinks, increasing hunger, isolation and inequality.  People of color and those who are vulnerable suffer the most.  Our eco-system cries out for justice.

Communal gardening, growing together to increase food security, creates healing communities which:

  • nourish each body and soul
  • know that the health and wholeness of the community depends on the health and wholeness of each member of eco-system
  • respond to shared community concerns meeting both immediate needs and working for justice
  • build resilient, inclusive, sustainable communities from the ground up

Drawing on their experience leading other garden efforts, Justice Gardeners has created a communal garden model which is easily replicated, focused on relationship, and builds communities seeking justice.  They have trained and mentored 12 other gardens in the region.  With a small budget, a small group of volunteers, and a small plot of land, you can have a significant impact on food security, biodiversity and building community. 

Join our movement of Justice Gardeners building this world with love and organic vegetables.