You are never alone when it comes to figuring out what your garden needs. Mostly, the garden itself will tell you, but occasionally, you’ll be stumped by a problem that requires some expert advice. That’s where your local Extension Office comes in. 

In 1914, the U.S. Department of Agriculture created a system of “extension” services in partnership with local universities to provide advice to farmers. Today, most counties in the United States have Cooperative Extension Service offices that can answer local gardening questions or help test your soil. Many have a Master Gardener program that trains volunteers to be horticultural educators and a 4-H program for kids . Whether you are looking for advice about what to grow, or want to identify a garden pest, your Extension staff are an invaluable resource. 

Gardening Know How and both offer a searchable database to find an office near you.

For a map view, visit the USDA site.