These are some questions you may want to ask your Food Justice Partner when you meet with them for the first time. These questions are meant to be a jumping off point–feel free to add more questions that make sense for you! 

Basic Contact Information 

  • Who is the primary contact for the organization? 
  • What is the best method of contact (email, phone, etc.) 
  • How are you in contact with guests? Do you have regular guests?
    • This question is to help you distribute the survey on what food items patrons will want to eat. 

Distribution Questions 

  • How often do you distribute food?
    • What days of the week?
    • What times? 
  • How do you distribute?
    • Standard box option – patrons pick up a pre-selected boxes
    • Shopper choice option – patrons shop for themselves 
    • Combination – some items in preselected boxes, other items by choice 
  • Do you distribute hot cooked meals?

Storage Questions 

  • How much space do you have available for produce?
  • Do you have on-site cold storage?
  • How would you like produce to be delivered: Bags, boxes, pre-packed in family size bags, etc. 

Working Together 

  • When should we drop off produce?
  • Where will we meet up? 
  • How often will we check in? What is the best way to do that?
  • Are there other aspects of the pantry we can help with?
    • Partnering on events, doing can drives, etc.